The designer and fashion inspiration behind the fabulous Mia Brazilia Collection, Kaneta Harmon, has always walked to the beat of her own drum.

While training as a champion martial artist in San Diego in 2003, Kaneta became acutely aware of the dearth of sexy, fashionable sportswear available to active, modern women like herself.  Consigned to the dreary, unflattering sportswear collections that labored to serve only a functional purpose at the time, Kaneta began to chafe at the limiting restrictions of this antiseptic, unimaginative world. She dreamed of designing an innovative line of women’s activewear that would embrace the beauty and femininity of the female figure, not shrink from it. Kaneta’s daring vision would also insist that the collection respond to her active, daily schedule as a mother and community activist.

Thus, Mia Brazilia was born… an upscale collection of women’s activewear and couture that answered the question, “Can women have it all?” by replying, “Hell Yes!”

Mia Brazilia’s original ensemble of sexy, head-turning cuts and colors has revolutionized the activewear industry and redefined what it means to “workout/hangout.” Whether you aspire to wear a playful Mia Brazilia butterfly capri for yoga in the morning or a seductive Kaneta pant for happy hour with the girlfriends, Mia Brazilia’s unique designs and stylish complement of colors will surely provoke conversation wherever you go.

Kaneta is a proud mother to her daughter, Mia – the fashion inspiration and muse for the Mia Brazilia Collection. They often travel to Paris and New York, observing the latest, illuminating fashion trends while adventuring like two free-spirited bohemians.

The Mia Brazilia collection by Kaneta Harmon is a celebration of the modern woman who aspires to “go beyond the ordinary.” Life is short, go out and live it…….to the beat of YOUR own drum! Live Mia Brazilia!